1 – Welcome to the Rookies compain.

This is a campain heavily based on the Age of Worms adventures, published by Paizo.

in the mining town of Diamond Lake, life is hard. The nearly lawless town is a base of corruption, greed, immoral indulgences, and violence. Yet with all this, a group of locals arrive into adulthood and decide that they want something different – the life of adventure. Little do they know that they will soon stumble upon the greatest adventure of their young lives and possibly be the heroes to save the entire Oerth, for the Age of Worms is coming …

“The Age of Worms” campaign is set in the World of Greyhawk. The campaign begins in the late spring of 595 C.Y. in the small mining town of Diamond Lake, a few days east of the City of Greyhawk. Desperate folk toil in lightless depths for a pittance while corrupt mine managers live in relative comfort, ruthlessly scheming to undermine one another and protect their piece of the action. Most residents of Diamond Lake can be categorized into two groups: those with nowhere else to turn and those who have come to exploit them.


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